Land Use and Zoning

Our legal team does a significant amount of zoning work. We counsel clients, both local and international, about their options and assist them in achieving their land use objectives. Our lawyers are highly experienced in appearing before City of Chicago Committee on Zoning, City of Chicago Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA), and City of Chicago Plan Commission.

We guide clients through the legislative process for zoning and rezoning amendments and assist them in securing variances, special exceptions and conditional use approvals for residential and commercial sites.  Protecting our clients’ rights and achieving the most for them throughout the zoning process are our goals. Businesses and individuals know we are a leader in Zoning Law, and they come to us with both the standard zoning needs as well as the most complex.


We know how to get the deal done.


Areas of Experience
Administrative Adjustment
Zoning Appeals
Billboard and Signage Entitlement
Building and Zoning Code Violations
Driveway Permit
Grant of Privilege
Planned Development (PD/PUD)
Zoning Special Uses
Street and/or Alley Dedication
Street and/or Alley Vacation
Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
Zoning Variations
Zoning Map Amendments
Zoning Text Amendments

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